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Mind-controlled movie: a quantum leap for cinema

Watching a movie has traditionally been a largely passive experience. But what if the person watching could influence what happens on-screen via their brainwaves? An experimental short-film called ‘Scanners’ aims to create a platform that bridges the gap between digital arts and neuroscience. Using a wireless brain scanner that reads both muscular and brainwave data, […]

Company Awarded Patent For ‘Space Elevator’

The space game is hot and only the strongest are going to survive. One Canadian company feels like its in a good spot to succeed, having just been awarded the patent for a “space elevator.” Back to the how’s and what’s in a second…the company, Thoth Technology, took an aggressive shot at Elon Musk’s SpaceX […]

Digits, A New Way To Sign In To Apps Without Using Passwords

Twitter announced the launch of a new service called Digits, aimed at application developers looking for a simpler, password-free login option for their mobile applications. The news was revealed this afternoon at Twitter’s first annual developer conference called Flight, which served not only as the launchpad for a suite of tools aimed at mobile application developers, but also an apology of sorts to the developer community as a whole after years of pushing them and their ideas away as Twitter tried to reassert control over its product and platform.