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Interview of Mohammed Al-Rashidi with ThisForeignerCan.com

Interview of Mohammed Al-Rashidi with ThisForeignerCan.com



Mohammed is the founder of multiple ventures in Telcom, eContent, mHealth, mTravel, mEducation, mGovernment and Fintech. All his ventures are addressed under Isys Group, the Kuwaiti global trading company he founded in 2004 and of which he is currently Managing Director.


Q. Your ambition is the mobilisation of lifestyle services. Why is this ambition important for today’s society?

A. When I talk about mobilisation, I mean constructive rather than disruptive innovation. Making everyday services available on a mobile platform has the potential to improve people’s lives. For instance, in countries and cities all over the world where infrastructure remains limited, mobile phones and network coverage are already present. The mobile is therefore a crucial device through which we can become more efficient and effective in improving people’s access to services.

It’s a question of observing the tasks of everyday life, and then making these tasks more efficient through mobilisation. This is why customer experience is central to what we do: our aim is to make technology user-friendly and accessible to all.

Q. What is your driving philosophy?

A. My philosophy is that any successful mission will always require two essential factors: brains and machines. The human brain is an excellent innovator, and is necessary for Research & Development. I don’t believe computers will ever achieve the thought processes of the human brain, as after all it was the brain that invented the machine! Machines are necessary, however, when it comes to making an every day routine or task more efficient – automation of resources renders these processes better and faster.

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