Home News On the sidelines of Charity Innovation Conference in the kingdom of Bahrain
On the sidelines of Charity Innovation Conference in the kingdom of Bahrain

On the sidelines of Charity Innovation Conference in the kingdom of Bahrain


“Isys” Smart payment services & “Good World Society” sign new agreement to collect Zakat & the Donations for the Charity projects through “Payit” App

Isys smart payment services has signed new agreement with Good Word Society “GWS” to collect the donations ,Zakat and all money related to the Charity Projects through “Payit” App “Payit Global” this agreement has announced during the Charity Innovation Conference 2015 in the kingdom of Bahrain.

Engineer, Mohamed Hossam Khalifa, Isys Bahrain-Chief Executive Officer: expressed his pleasure to the cooperation which is the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Bahrain with the Word Good Society one of the big & famous associations in the Kingdom which present Charity & volunteer work in different fields & levels.

“Isys”-Bahrain CEO: confirmed that this agreement related to “Isys” Social Responsibility, in addition to the Confirmation of the strong role that The Charity associations playing in the Bahraini society

Engineer, Khalifa: explained that this agreement will open many prospects for cooperation which make us work together to encourage creative ideas in The Charity Work, But with technical style through “Pay it” App via Smart Phones to attract a lot of customers to get the leadership in the Kingdom to present the volunteer &Charity services through smart phones, confirmed that this cooperation will make a real effect in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Engineer, Mohamed Hossam Khalifa Isys Bahrain –CEO: praised for confidence the Central Bank of Bahrain in Isys services & products in e-payment services, within its Payit” platform that provides several choices and options to complete the procurement & transactions through secure and easy e-payment experience.

Engineer, Mohamed Hossam Khalifa added that “Isys” committed since it was established it has a special strategy to provide the Markets with newest technology in e-payment & smartphone applications, also by using “ Payit” app the user will find more advantages on a One stop shopping giving access to many more growing “Payit” services, Allowing to pay, busy and send money to beneficiaries anytime, anywhere and by yourself and Automated promotions and full Digital Loyalty Card and Program within the ”Payit”, Creating return incentive value to Users.

“Isys” has experience in charity projects not in Bahrain only but also in the Gulf, Middle East and Africa as “Isys” applied advanced solutions to collect “ Zakat & donations” like “Zakat Mobile” App with” Libyan Zakat- fund” and “Payit “ App with” Kuwaiti Zakat- house”, this is all made remarkable improvement in Charity projects and Banking applications.



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