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Verizon Will Buy Intel’s Digital TV Arm, Inching Closer to an Apple TV Competitor


With the holidays long in the rearview and the Super Bowl swiftly approaching, now seems as good a time as any to pick up a new TV — or a digital TV division, if you’ve got the bank account for it.

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Verizon, which already offers cable television subscriptions through its FiOS service, seemingly has its eye on some hardware offerings in the near future, with the purchase of Intel’s digital TV arm, Intel Media.

The buy will include offer letters for many of the unit’s 350 employees — as soon as all the T’s are crossed and I’s dotted on the proper regulatory forms — a deal expected to close at some point this quarter.

As far as what Verizon will actually make, given the new know-how, there’s no official word. Verizon-branded set-top boxes — like Apple’s Apple TV, or the Roku box — that play nicely with your FiOS subscription seem like a pretty safe bet, right out of the gate. After all, the department being acquired here was responsible for Intel Media’s OnCue, a forthcoming service/set-top box combination that bundles together live TV and premium content like on-demand films. Early demos of the offering have been lauded for the speed and ease of use of its channel guide, something Verizon can definitely use if it wants to continue to compete with the likes of Comcast.

The purchase will give the company a leg up on hardware development without having to start from scratch in house.

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