Home News Isys is the first company launch e-payment services via smart phones in the Middle East
Isys is the first company launch e-payment services via smart phones in the  Middle East

Isys is the first company launch e-payment services via smart phones in the Middle East


Isys Group and Al-Oula fuel card: sign agreement to give customers in Kuwait greater control over their service through “Payit”App Via Smartphones.


“Payit “ App from “Isys “allows the possibility of filling AL-Oula fuel cards in Kuwait through smartphones.


Isys Group one of the largest companies providing Electronic services via smartphones and tablets, and the fastest-growing company in Middle East and North Africa region and “AL-0ula” fuel card company signed agreement in e-payment field, This agreement allows the possibility of filling “AL-Oula” fuel cards through “Payit “App, as well as easy and save all services by maintaining security process.

”Payit” App provides and supports all what users and customers needs, In addition to that the agreement provide both care agents and customers control over their payment service experience.

To confirm Isys leadership in Kuwaiti market ,”AL-Oula” is the first company in its field that utilizes “Payit” App to offer this type of service to clients at this advanced level the effect of this cooperation which will spread soon in neighboring countries.

The “Payit” App provides flexibility as it can be downloaded and used on smartphones or tablets that run Android or IOS operating systems.”

The “Payit” App’s modern design allows users to have access on Merchant products, transfer money, making payments easy and convenient, especially that the company offers through the app, an easy access to all information that the client needs.

Commenting on this agreement, “Engineer Mohamed Sh. Al-Rashidi” Group’s founder and CEO” describing: this agreement with “AL-Oula” Fuel card, is the beginning of the new and smart technology in Kuwait to filling “AL-Oula” Fuel cards Through The First smart App via smart Devices, in addition to that Isys starts rolling out to all markets with huge technology depending on safety and security compliances.

Ggroup’s founder and CEO, explained that: Isys Group always work on delivering smart services and mobile payment services to its clients and especially to “Payit” clients by using the secure payment to save the time and effort through using Payit App which is available in different operating platforms.

Also, Engineer Mohamed Sh. AL-Rashidi: confirmed that Isys always make the customer service experience, its top priority in its strategy inside and outside Kuwait, by using Payit App the users can find all services in one Smart App experience,

Engineer Mohamed Al-Rashid added That Isys improves the customer services with 24/7 Customer support as now it’s running 24 hours with big team to serve Payit users and assisting them to resolve any complaints and troubleshoot all possible technical problems.


Engineer Mohamed Sh. Al-Rashidi said: that Isys will always keep launching new technology and services in mobile payment field which helps and supports all users through its strategy “ONE” which provides all services by using Smart & Global technology via user Smartphone Devices.

For his part, Engineer Hamad AL-Mansour “ Isys Kuwait Chief Operations Officer: confirmed that Isys has efficient Human resources asset, which always working to provides all users with new and Smart technologies, to fulfil all users needs and that Isys always puts the customer first, Isys is leading to become the number one in mobile payment field in the region .

Isys Kuwait Chief Operations Officer added that : “Al-Oula” Fuel Card is featured company in fueleum field succeed to lead and will continue using the new technology to improve its standards of services and developing range of products and services unlike any other service station – and a level of customer service. So that AL-Oula have chosen Isys Group and “Payit” App as it is leading and number one in m-payment field that offer smart safety technologies to help & support the users, and on the other hand ,” Payit” App will help “Al-Oula” Fuel card to increase the numbers of its users and launch more services by easy & smart experience.

Engineer Hamad Al-Mansour mentioned that :The users can use this service by download “Payit” App through Apple & Android App Stores, then go to choose Other services to be able to choose” Al-Oula” fuel service after that the user can enter Fuel card number and the amount to proceed payment through K-NET.

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