Home News The Kuwaiti Group “Isys” will participate for the first time in the Cairo International Conference and Exhibition (Cairo ICT 2014)
The Kuwaiti Group “Isys” will participate for the first time in the Cairo International Conference and Exhibition (Cairo ICT 2014)

The Kuwaiti Group “Isys” will participate for the first time in the Cairo International Conference and Exhibition (Cairo ICT 2014)


“Isys” Group launches the Payit system for electronic payment during its first participation in the Cairo ICT within the E-payment zone.

Cairo – 27 October 2014:

The “Isys” group, one of the largest companies providing electronic services via smartphones and tablets, and the fastest-growing company in Middle East and North Africa region, has announced its participation for the first time in the Cairo ICT 2014 in its eighteenth session; it will be held under the slogan “In the heart of the future” during the period from the 4th till the 7th of next November under the auspices of the engineer Atef Helmy, the Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology.

Commenting on the Group’s participation in the exhibition this year, the “engineer Mohamed Al-Rashedy”, group’s founder and CEO, confirmed that “ ‘Isys’ has decided to participate in the Egyptian’s exhibition which is specialized in the telecommunications and information technology sector, in accordance with the company’s strategy in the Egyptian market and the Middle East region to expand its business in the region where the company expects to increase its business and its customers over the next few months”.

Al-Rashedy added that “We will announce during the exhibition’s event, as it is an important event in the Middle East and North Africa, the official opening of our office in Egypt and the consolidating cooperation with the Egyptian Government and the private sector, as the ” Cairo ICT ” is considered an opportunity to meet new and existing customers, particularly in the sectors of communications, tourism, health and education as well as for the banking sector and to inform them of the latest services and products posed by “Isys” in different markets.

The Engineer Mohammed Al-Rashedy, Group founder and CEO, has clarified that “Isys’’ will launch the application system (Payit) during the exhibition’s events, which is one of the programs based on electronic cash payment services on smart phones and tablet, and making it a great success to the group up until now.

A group of experts in electronic payment at “Isys” will provide a detailed explanation of the application to the companies, which aims to help companies to develop its own strategy in the field of electronic payment. “Isys” will display its latest global technologies in the field of electronic payments in addition to its full collection of innovative payment solutions, which is designed to enable the Egyptian companies and institutions to provide government services through providing online payment options via internet or mobile phones to clients in various areas ranging from the e-commerce companies to the travel and tourism companies and even the government institutions and agencies that provide services to citizens.

It is stated that “Isys” has participated last year in Cairo ICT’s exhibition within e finance”pavilion, its first partner in Egypt through a joint cooperation agreement, to provide electronic payment services via mobiles to the government services through the project “Public Universities’ Expenses”. The agreement stipulates that the “e-finance” company will apply systems of linking the students’ databases in the universities, and the branches of the banks participating in the governmental electronic payments service through «Isys» network.

Information for editors

The “Isys” Company has begun its work since 2005 in Kuwait; where it was honored by the Kuwaiti telecommunication group “Zen” as one of its key partners, after the company has provided its first services of chat programs, SMS and other interactive services.

In 2006, the “Isys” company expanded in its activities to begin its launch to several countries, as it has begun its activities in Sudan with the company “Mobitel” to provide “medical” services in the form of short medical text messages as well as providing support to the Agence France-Presse “AFP” in France in many magazines including newsletters. Moreover, the company’s activity has also extended from 2007 till 2013 to many countries and it has 12 offices such as its office in Bahrain, Egypt, Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Palestine, Jordan, Nigeria, Libya and the United States.

The “Isys” company, which is the fastest growing company in the region in the fields of telecommunications and information technology, has succeeded over a short period, which did not exceed six years, to impose its local mark in Kuwait, its regional mark in the Gulf region and the Middle East, and its international mark in Africa and Europe. It is currently targeting further expansion, through its operational strategy “one”, and by which seeks to provide an integrated and coherent package of services in many sectors by mobile phones and tablets and TVs.

For more information, please visit the company’s website at the following link: – www.isys.mobi


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