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Charging cell phone by movements


Researchers have developed a new device that turns human motion into power for electronic devices such as cell phones, cameras and tablets.



The mobile generator ‘Genneo’ can charge a device with any type of movement so a user could purposefully shake it or just leave it in a pant pocket while taking a hike.

“Genneo has created a revolutionary line of products that capture energy from walking, shaking or moving in other ways and turn it into charge for your phone and other portable electronics,” according to the product description on Kick starter. “These products are easy to carry and they capture energy as you move normally, storing that energy in their on-board battery,” it said. The device includes a micro USB port and comes with a pre charging cable with a standard USB connection on the other side; that cable allows you to plug in one end into Genneo and the other end into your mobile device.


An LED battery gauge shows how much battery power Genneo has left, ‘Mashable’ reported. Researchers will soon launch two models of the mobile generator. The first one delivers up to one hour of talk time in charge for every five hours that it is carried in a backpack. The other gives up to one hour of talk time for every seven hours it is carried. Shaking the Genneo accelerates charging. The first model can easily deliver three minutes of talk time per minute shaken and the second one produces up to two minutes of talk time per minute that you shake it. “It [the movement] doesn’t have to be very significant — I don’t have to be jumping or running, just the walking movement will charge it and then, like any linear device, you can shake it too and that will make it charge it quicker. “The charging depends on how much movement you put into it.” The G4000 model offers up to one hour in talk time for every five hours it charges. The G3000 gives your device the same amount of talk time but after seven hours of charging.




Source – main.omanobserver.om

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