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Heartbleed security bug threatens Android system users


About a month ago, computer specialists announced the discovery of the Heartbleed security bug in computer systems and smart phones which exploits some loopholes existing in the OpenSSL coding system used in many websites for big and small companies in order to protect their data.

The OpenSSL coding software is used for transferring data between servers of companies and users in a safe way so that no person is able to read the data sent through it, Makkah daily reported.


The importance of this criterion lies in the fact that the majority of social networking, e-mail services and other chat programs rely on it and if you make a slight error, unidentified users can hack your computer or personal smart phone and obtain all the temporary data saved in them.

Hence, they can know all the telephone numbers and passwords concerning social networking websites, your e-mail and even your bank account details.

What is reassuring here is that the majority of companies including banks and numerous applications have been able to solve this problem and close this loophole.

However, if you own a phone using the Android system you have to be cautious because some telephones working according to this system are still suffering from the bug. Therefore, you should take the initiative to change your passwords and check your devices through the CM Security application. This will review all the applications available in your mobile phone and will warn you in case there is any bug so as to avoid using the damaged application until a new update is available.

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