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Interview of Mohammed Al-Rashidi with ThisForeignerCan.com

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"Q. Your ambition is the mobilisation of lifestyle services. Why is this ambition important for today’s society?"

On the sidelines of Charity Innovation Conference in the kingdom of Bahrain

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Isys smart payment services has signed new agreement with Good Word Society “GWS” to collect the donations ,Zakat and all money related to the Charity Projects through “Payit” App “Payit Global “ this agreement has announced during the Charity Innovation Conference 2015 in the kingdom of Bahrain.

Today…. Isys smart payment services announce its “platinum patronage” for the first Innovation Charity Conference in Kingdom of Bahrain

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Isys smart payment services has announced its platinum patronage for the first Innovation Charity Conference in Kingdom of Bahrain which has been held today in Diplomat Radisson under the patronage of Sheikh Abdallah bin Khaled AL – Khalifa, Chairman of the High Council for Islamic Affairs.

Isys Smart payment services review the opportunities & challenges of “e-donation” in Charity Innovation Conference 2015

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Isys smart payment services will review today during discussion session the opportunities and challenges which facing the e-donation through its participation as a “platinum Sponsor“ in Charity Innovation Conference 2015 which will be held for the first time in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Top Managements and responsibilities, NGOs, ICT companies and international &national speakers have experiences in this field.

Charity Innovation Conference in the Kingdom of Bahrain

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A financial institution platform that enables cross industries to aggregate their services across Middle East & Africa, Europe, and United States via Centralized Hub.

تطبيق التطعيم التي أطلقها وكيل الوزارة المساعد للخدمات الطبية المدنية في دولة الكويت، خلال حفل وزارة الصحة لربط المجتمع الكويتي رقميا مع قطاع المستشفيات الخاصة

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الدكتور محمد الخشتي، وكيل الوزارة المساعد للخدمات الطبية الأهلية، قد أعلن عن نية وزارة الصحة من الربط الالكتروني لمحات المرضى والمستشفيات الخاصة في القطاع الخاص، ويظهر هذا النظام لمصلحة الوزارة في حالة المرضى. جاء ذلك في بيان لشركة خاصتي على هامش إطلاق لقاح، وهو تطبيق مجاني لمستخدمي الهاتف الذكي التي وضعتها شركة عالمية ISYS لرقمنة […]

LEAKED: Details On Google’s Next Tablet Have Emerged, And It Sounds Like It’s Going To Be Amazing

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HTC's now signature front-facing stereo speakers are nowhere to be found, and the casing (which resembles the soft touch back of the current Nexus 7) doesn't exactly look like an aluminum zero-gap construction.

Your Lost Android Phone Can Now Call You

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Did you know that Android has a built-in mechanism for locating or locking your lost phone? Google hasn’t done the best job marketing it, but it’s actually been baked right in since the release of Android 4.4*.

The Xbox One is the underdog against the PS4 in Microsoft’s new ads

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Polygon's Ben Kuchera just put up an interesting opinion piece pointing out that Microsoft's new Xbox One ads tacitly admit that the PS4 is winning — but promise that the Xbox team will fight back.

Best racing games for the iPhone and the iPad

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Vroom-vroom-vrooooooom! Some may argue that hardly anything is more satisfying than the sputtering sound of a revving car engine. With that being said, it hardly comes to any surprise that racing video games usually bask in a decent amount of popularity.